AUE is an established global leader in training MVS ultrasound engineers, including OEM personnel. AUE now also offers QA training to clinical users.

Feedback on our training courses is consistently excellent. 100% of our clients would recommend AUE’s training.

Our training courses are tailored to you. We specialise in training ISO field engineers. We also offer ISO field service training to hospital biomedical teams. Trained biomedical teams deliver reduced maintenance costs and increased uptime for their organisations. With our partnered service contracts, we provide trained biomedical personnel with parts and, where needed, on-site specialist support.

Our new ultrasound QA training provides clinical users with an easy-to-use system that takes just a few minutes a day to ensure a system is operating within parameters and is safe to use.

Take a look at our training course list below or enquire generally about our training provision. 



Training Courses to suit your needs

AUE courses cater for all levels of knowledge, from novices to those who have worked in the field for many years.

Our training facility at Loughborough University offers a broad range of scheduled training courses.

AUE also creates training courses that are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers at a location convenient to you.


Ultrasound Probe Testing Tool

The Multi-Medix ultrasound probe test tool provides field engineers with a unique way to test probes effectively. The tool enables engineers to achieve consistent probe test results AND find 100% of gross faults in the field.

The test tool is being distributed under license by AUE Ltd,
as part of our ultrasound training courses.

Find out more about the tool on the link below.

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“Absolutely loved the training. Your enthusiasm and love for the subject really came through and made the training sessions all the better.”
Rizwan Dingmar