Probe Repair

Repair Lab

AUE’s certified ISO 13485:2016 ultrasound probe repair laboratory, led by Chartered Engineers, employing medical physicists and clinical scientists, provides our clients with independent advanced probe testing that is second to none. An advanced probe testing capability is essential for repair verification.

In the video below we invite you to take a look around our probe lab. We show how we use the FirstCall advanced electronic test system for fault diagnosis and repair verification. At AUE we have the full range of FirstCall probe adaptors.

Our advanced electronic probe testing with FirstCall is augmented with tissue-mimicking and vascular phantoms. Our expert team can quickly create FirstCall test profiles in-house, so our test and repair capability is expanding all of the time. Our advanced probe testing capability ensures exceptional fault diagnosis and quality assurance. We provide FAST-Track FirstCall advanced probe testing that takes the guesswork out of evaluating a probe’s condition. This saves our clients time, save them money and promotes safety of their patients. Call us to schedule your advanced probe test.


AUE Probe Repair Lab
Take a look around our ISO 13485:2016 certified lab

Fast-Track Probe Repair

All probe repair at AUE is progressed quickly – this is one of the reasons our customers give us a 99.5% satisfaction score.

We understand that some repairs are needed urgently. This is why we offer our Fast-Track probe repair service.

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