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Ultrasound Systems, Parts And Probes


We have the knowledge and understanding to provide clear and accurate advice on  all ultrasound systems so that they are set up to meet your clinical requirements. We currently have GE Logiq E9, Vivid E9 and Voluson E8 and E6 systems in stock, to name but a few.

Portable Systems

As a service depot for portable ultrasound systems, we hold a large inventory for loan, rent or purchase.

We stock the following portable systems:

  • Philips CX50
  • GE Vivid Q
  • GE Logiq systems
  • GE Voluson systems
  • Sonosite M Turbo
  • Sonosite Micro-Maxx
  • Sonosite Edge

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Bimedis - Used Medical Equipment


Our high level of experience and expertise means we are familiar with common parts failure as well as more unusual faults. As such we are able to supply parts should you need to fix your system.

All parts are pretested and shipped the same day to your location. Being a centre of excellence, we are also able to deliver training courses, offering hands on learning with our ultrasound engineering specialists.


We hold a large inventory of probes from all leading manufacturers. We are able to provide new, demo and refurbished probes.

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