As well as selling replacement parts we can also repair parts and systems in-house.

To keep the cost of your repair down, we can offer a cost-effective solution to get your portable system back up and running, simply send in your part and/or system and we will repair, test it and quality check it before returning it to you.

Specialising in SonoSite system repairs, we have recently expanded our capability to provide repair solutions for Titan, M-Turbo, S-Series, Micromaxx, Edge, 180 and 180+ and iLook range of systems.

We also have inventory of SonoSite parts if you need a replacement for anything.

We also have a range of GE, Philips and SonoSite portable loaner systems and probes which can be rented to support your business whilst your system is in for repair.


Do you have a damaged probe? We can manage the repair of this for you, often with a loaner available for your use whilst the repair is taking place. Contact us for more details.

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