Introducing Advanced Ultrasound Electronics

AUE specialise in only ultrasound. We provide multi-vendor maintenance and service to the NHS and are accredited by major OEMs for repair, parts, maintenance and training.

AUE ultrasound standard

Since 2015, AUE has been defining the standard for ultrasound service and repair across Europe. We set the standard others follow, our team is committed to improvement and innovation. AUE now offer embedded ultrasound QA with our Back to Base and onsite service contracts, another industry first.

Our experienced team are here to help. Our onsite, certified ISO 13485:2016 advanced probe testing and repair laboratory, supports our field service engineers to provide leading comprehensive multi-vendor service to our clients. AUE specialise in only ultrasound. As a result, our customer satisfaction rating is consistently 99% year upon year. AUE is a leader in training MVS engineers globally, including for OEMs.

AUE’s range of FAST-Track services that we provide to independent Service Organisations (ISO), are now available directly to our service customers.  We have traded globally for years.  For our international clients we are located beside the UK’s primary DHL air hub and we ship globally overnight.

We are trusted by the NHS and Independent Service Organisations to provide a range of FAST-Track services and maintenance contracts that reduce costs and maximise uptime.

SERVICE Contracts


  • ISO 13485:2016 certified – We continue to lead the way; ours was the first certified ISO 13485:2016 probe lab in the UK.  Led by Chartered Engineers, our team continually improves our in-house expertise to increase our advanced electronic testing capability.  Our unmatched advanced probe testing capability supports the widest range of probe repair.   
  • ISO 10993 – Biocompatibility – Another first.  Ours is the only probe lab in the UK where materials used in our probe repair have been certified as biocompatible in accordance with ISO 10993.
  • ISO 14001 – Working towards ISO 14001 – AUE works in partnership with our customers to help them meet sustainability targets.   From innovating to reduce emissions from avoidable engineer journeys, to extending the service life of 11,000 probes that would otherwise have gone to landfill, AUE takes our environmental responsibilities seriously.
“Should one tenth of professionals do their job within your standards, we’d have a much higher quality of life! Thank you!”
Evelina Iarca