Our customer satisfaction rating is 99.5%. Find out what our customers and suppliers say about AUE.

AUE customer satisfaction
“Should one tenth of professionals do their job within your standards, we’d have a much higher quality of life! Thank you!”
Evelina Iarca
“I am very pleased and happy to work with you and all the staff are always helpful and friendly. Thank you for the good support and service.”
Theresa Sørensen – TJ-imaging ApS
“I’ve had issues with probe repairs by other companies in the past but with your company all repairs have been completed to a very high standard.”
Gerald Cunningham – Freeman Hospital
“Excellent training given, would definitely recommend.”
Jamie Cameron
“Great to work with you!!”
Luis Daniel Fernadez – Equipos Hospitalarios
“Absolutely loved the training. Your enthusiasm and love for the subject really came through and made the training sessions all the better.”
Rizwan Dingmar
“The course provided an excellent grounding in ultrasound and was well structured.”
David Ball